Whiskey Creek Residential Fence Options

Our Most Popular Fence Installation Options

At Global Fence, we benefit from a large inventory and many years of experience. Please take a look at some of our most popular fencing options and learn how our fence installation expertise can save you time and money, and help you transform your Whiskey Creek home according to your needs.

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Types of Residential Fences

Vinyl Fence Installation/PVC Fence Installation

Using vinyl fencing (this is the same as a PVC fence, as PVC is the type of vinyl used) has several advantages over other materials. While it is often used for DIY fencing, please don’t discount the material itself. Vinyl fencing is extremely strong and durable and a great option for your Whiskey Creek home.

Another significant advantage of PVC over other materials is that you will not need to paint or repaint a vinyl fence. Order the color and style you like and that’s what you get for its lifetime.

For best results, insist on professional vinyl fence installation. Global Fence is a vinyl fence company that will help you make the most of vinyl fencing’s low-maintenance aspect. A poorly installed fence will always require attention, whatever material it’s made from.

Metal Fences for Your Whiskey Creek Yard

A metal fence suggests solidity, security, and safety. And it’s good-looking too. For a durable fence that will stand the test of time, consider metal. We use top quality materials to provide you with a metal fence that will stay looking good in the long term.

Not only do many Whiskey Creek customers prefer metal fences, but many are also upgrading to metal from other materials. A metal fence is a true investment. It provides curb appeal that increases a home’s value and long-lasting effectiveness. Offset the initial cost of using metal, with the knowledge that they will require little maintenance. They will be less likely to need repairing or replacing than fences constructed from other materials.

We can provide fences using various metals according to your needs and your budget. If you would like to consider aluminum, steel, iron, and other materials, we will always provide the best possible fencing for you.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is very popular because it’s easy to work with and it looks great. They will match most homes because they use natural materials that are typically in keeping up with their surroundings.

Global Fence’s professional wood fence contractors serving Whiskey Creek, can also provide a great degree of customization. Not only is there a good variety of materials available to construct a wood fence, but our professionals can manipulate the wood. In this way, we can cater to many styles. For a flexible solution for fencing your property, wood is a great option.

Problems with wood typically derive from rot and pests. Unlike some other wood fencing companies, Global Fence ensures that we treat our wood fencing against these issues before installation. Our professional wooden fence installation will mean that your fence doesn’t shift and move straight, after the installation. For a solid, good-looking wooden fence, get in touch with Global Fence.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fencing

Wrought iron and aluminum is more expensive than most types of wood and vinyl fencing. This is because of the cost of producing the material. However, the look and feel of wrought iron and aluminum is impressive. For a sense of solidity, wrought iron and aluminum fencing is a top consideration.

With little maintenance, your wrought iron or aluminum fencing will be practically impervious to rust or corrosion. Wrought iron and aluminum is even stronger than cast iron. And it is incredibly durable, which is why it’s often seen in restaurants’ and bars’ outdoor patios.

Wrought iron and aluminum creates a timeless look and solid feel that is incomparable. For security, longevity, and elegance, get in touch with us to talk about wrought iron and aluminum fencing for your Whiskey Creek home today.

Chain Link Fence Installation in Whiskey Creek

The chain-link fence is increasingly popular. As ever, it remains used in schools and in baseball backstops, but it is seeing an outing more frequently in residential scenarios. It’s a solid, relatively affordable, fencing option that has the benefits of maintaining views and keeping an area feeling open. It may be ideal for protecting an area against pets and preventing accidents around locations like swimming pools. Indoors, they outline areas in gyms, games rooms, and more. In commercial settings it can create secured storage areas and separate different work stations.

Getting the most out of a chain-link fence installation means applying some creativity. Our chain link fence company serving Whiskey Creek, can help you see the potential and provide a perfect, seamless chain link fence installation, appropriate for your environment, whether indoor or outdoor.

Privacy Fence Installation

One of the challenges of privacy fence installation, whether at a Whiskey Creek home or a business location, is preventing the place from looking like a prison. With our professional team and years of experience, we know how to provide privacy without compromising your surroundings’ natural beauty and a sense of freedom.

We frequently create PVC privacy fences, but we also use many elements to create visually appealing fencing. While fences need to be tall for privacy, they do not need to be imposing. With a careful selection of materials and styles and incorporating other elements such as vines and other plants, we can help you create the effect of privacy, without being closed in.

For example, at the top of a privacy fence, a contractor can add a trellis or other design features that can break up flat design and add a touch of flair, personality, and air. By using light colors and attractive materials, we can achieve privacy that remains appealing. We love to use our creativity to create fencing that suits your style, while remaining 100-percent functional and effective.

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